Issue #3

Cover photography by Brenna Wuillamey

Hybrid Works

Garrett Gomez

Multilingual Poems

Lucy E. Allan

Weird Fishes

Suzanne S. Rancourt

The Rain After the Rain Is the Wind

Brenna Wuillamey

We Wear Masks (Photography Series)
Maniac (Photography Series)
Imposter (Photography Series)
Where Your Eyes Don’t Go (Photography Series)

Noeme Grace C. Tabor-Farjani

Hannah and I

Jen Schneider

From The Time I Was A Young Girl…

David Estringel

Digging for Lost Temples

mary hope|whitehead|lee

Collages (Visual Art)

Stephanie Powell

How Hungry are the Children?
Scene (III) –

Megha Nayar

My Wife and I: A Case Study

Ken Tomaro

Welcome Home

Silvia El Helo and Terrence Sykes

Haiku Hybrid

Jemelia Moseley

Misery Loves Company
I am more than my hair

Red Sagalow

Heads (Visual Art)

Mark Blickley and Beatrice Georgalidis

Window Pane

Mary Ledvina

Excerpt from “The Easter Meal Reveal”

Timothy Tarkelly

The Mondrian Collection by Yves Saint Laurent

Hibah Shabkhez

Pronounce It Right!

Dmitry Blizniuk and Sergey Gerasimov

Burning Giraffes

Mernine Ameris


Perla Kantarjian

do not go short on prayer

Helen Bowie

“Only peasants speak Ukrainian”

Tamara Al-Qaisi-Coleman

Texas Pledge

Rudolf Alexander


Jacob Nantz

Salem : Still of a Hometown
Weight We Carry
Aurora : Still of a Hometown

Ronald Tobey

New Idea Manure Spreader

Howie Good

Heart Sounds
Axe and You Shall Receive

KG Newman

Waiting Out Bombogenesis
Harnessing Hypomania
Flawed Superhero

Cole W. Williams

Dear Love,

Maia Joy

Diagnostic Error

Alyssa Jordan

A Thread
Song of the Drowned

Jennifer Shneiderman

Victory Lap

Ahmad Al-khatat

Let’s Cure Our Wounds

Tina Anton

Gaia (Visual Art)

Shoshana Olidort

Unreadable Quartet

Alvaro Enciso and Elizabeth Salper

6 feet apart, not under (Photography)

Rebekah Cheresnick

This is a Mantra (The Nomad’s Meditation)