Misery Loves Company

I am watching TV as the TV watches me
I see movement but I hear no sound
In my own head space, my own maze, 
feeling really lost and I really want to be found 

The comfort of misery keeps misery surrounding me, they say misery likes company 
yet, I am so very lonely 

I pray for strength and that my ancestors guide me
my history seems to define me 
the unspoken, the untold 
the truth and the hidden
the secrets and the unforbidden
all the things I did 
and didn’t 
get to love and hold
holding on to the things you love, that you outgrow 
holding onto things that get old
And it’s true what they say...peace of mind and love can never be bought or sold

Jemelia Moseley

Jemelia’s poem ‘United’ has been published in ‘The Fly On The Wall‘ Magazine in September 2020, her other poems; ‘Grandma and Grandad’ and ‘Protests’ have also been published in September in a Journal (Chambers) in Scotland, England. Black, Dying to bloom and Visions of possibilities have been published in The Melbourne Culture Centre (Australia) in October 2020. Yesterday will be published in  Morepork Press (New Zealand) in October also. The Daily Drunk Mag (USA) and Saccharine Poetry has also recently published her work. Jemelia has more work forthcoming in other magazines and journals and has recently had her chapbook ‘Love, Joy, Tears, Beers and Poetry’ published.

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