“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?
The world would split open.”
Muriel Rukeyser

Hybrid Works

Francesca Leader

Shojo Smoking

Zainab Kuyizhi

I Love You

Stacey Yu

Deaths of Getty
Cat Lover
Aquamarine Taxi

Tanvi Jeph

Still Has

Rachel Coyne


Marceline White

In Dublin on the Hottest Day on Record
Evening Farewell

Sylvia Santiago

end of meaning

Laura Davis

Full Vigour of Isolation

Karis Ryu

Busan Nighttime Feeling

Adeva Esparrago-Kalidas


Kara Dorris

4 Erasures: Wilderness as…


Comic: The Sad Story of Doctor Jelly

Wendy K. Mages

A Toad of a Man


Crossword Poems

The Nutshells Writing Collective

5 Collages
Renga [absconded water]

Bethany Jarmul

Lion’s Tooth in the Wind
Definition: The color between green and orange

LeAnne Hunt

To My Firstborn,

Gina Maria Manchego

Mother of a Black Boy

Linda McMullen

The Kid’s Secret Garden

Nancy Himel

Musing on a Female Atlas Moth

Maria Garcia Teutsch

Psychogeographic Map of the Chemo Lounge {{Santa Cruz, California}}

Carla Sarett

2 Prose Poems: Notes from the Underground and Fragment, a letter to the artist

Maggie Rosen

Monologue of the Hand-Drawn Map
Something Went Wrong Please Try Again

Lane Chasek

Family History: An Exam

Shannon Frost Greenstein

My Father Once Tripped Over a Dead Body in the Woods, and While That’s Not Why He Left, It’s Still Completely in Character

Refael Paul Arenson

Lot’s Wife

Melissa Llanes Brownlee & Cherry Lou Sy

Exquisite Corpse of the Night Woman