Issue #6: Myth

Cover Art by Elena Valdés Chavarría

*TW: Suicide ideation, violence, and sexual assault.*

Hybrid Works

Precious Uwen

A Poem in Which What I Feel is Lesser than Life and More than Death as I Try to Fix my Mind

Karla Van Vliet


Lorelei Bacht

In his little boat, the boatman
Reinvented Psalm 4 (“Still sorry for himself”)

Maya Alexandria

Activating Healing (Visual Art)

Jake Kendall

Saturn Devouring His Sons

Edward Michael Supranowicz


Ayokunle Falomo


Moses Ojo


Guillermo Rebollo Gil

Brief family history told in the form of a classic wrestling storyline
The snow on the roof of the house

Z. D. Dicks

The World Tree
The Screamer Awakens
Wolf Mother

Sarah Ozanne and Jane Orange

Myth: Artist Collaboration

Lathalia Song

Flywaterleaflight Series

Bojan Đurđević

In the middle between
On the other side
That day

Howie Good

4 Prose Poems

Lisa Periale Martin

Don’t look back

Natalie Korman

In the Dream
Someone Is Waiting

Jason M. Marak

From ‘Fictional Space’

Wren Donovan


Mike Sikkema

In the Beginning (Photography Series)

Matt McGuirk

The Bogdragger

Carrie Elizabeth Penrod

Hide and Seek

Jay Gandhi

Hidden Denial

Michele Worthington

Mary of Tumamoc and MeToo (Photography)

Linda M. Crate

After the Miscarriage

Agata Maslowska

Baba Yaga
Female Figs Closed on All Sides, Supposed to be Monsters

Hannah Land

The Body Myth – Prometheus
The Body Myth – Pandora

Elyssa Tappero

Pandora’s Box, Ammit, and Medusa (Visual Art)

Kendra Preston Leonard

Cassandra at the Bonfire

Tara Campbell

In the City of Singing Bonfires

Charles K. Carter

The Singer
The Creators

Edward Lee

Digital Paintings

John Yohe

Saint Abishag

Anne Leigh Parrish


Jacqueline Doyle

Half Fish Tale, Half Ars Poetica