Baba Yaga

They say the devil slept in your daughter’s womb 
               their children’s bones – leftovers on your plate 
I say keep on escaping meaning 
               setting words loose like your three horsemen 
They say you are a danger to be feared 
               your secret house deep in the woods – a trap 
I say your name doesn’t pin you down 
               you’ve been reduced and misunderstood 
They say they’d like to watch you burn alive 
               make you a symbol they can recognise 
I say their myths allow them to survive 
               make sense of chaos, avoid self-understanding 
You know the gap between what you desire 
               and what you get, sharp light shines through it 
Stay ambiguous, keep shifting, keep moving 
               better to be the other than do the othering

Agata Maslowska

Agata Maslowska was born in Poland and lives in Scotland. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Edinburgh Review, New Writing Scotland, -algia, Amberflora, Blackbox Manifold, Gutter Magazine, among others, and been anthologized in A Thousand Cranes: Scottish Writers for Japan (Cargo) and Glasgow (Dostoyevsky Wannabe). She is the recipient of the Hawthornden Writing Fellowship and the Gillian Purvis Award for New Writing. You can find her at @AgataMaslowska on Twitter.

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