Flywaterleaflight Series

i flew in my dreams through
a cave of tears
in oceans of tears
the tear tries to change its shape
sharpens itself
strike of fear
it will become a knife 
yet a sharpened tear is a leaf
when feathered
can fly through light

i am water
within waters
air water falling to
liquid water drinking to
bodies of life

magnetic flux moons
centred powers
within vorticities of waters
that stretch, grow,
and form
the deep voided face
of the universe breathes
icicle fern frond
embryo’s tree & human 
& it dries & dries &
floats & flies into

luminosity’s compassion 
is weightier than symbols so

light equals time her
radiance is flowing
like the water’s skin
reflecting trees within shadows cast
a silken cloth laid
between us

life in the warmth of
light is kinder than numbers
the deep water’s face
is shaped by
reflections of radiance

communal rain 
gathers and rivulets
twisting and rushing
all our paths we step upon
are carved by water marathons
even our lungs breathe liquid air
in the same feathered root shapes
trees drink water within the dark earth
trillions of webbed roots
cradling the shape of the earth
when the last tree goes we will simply crumble
waters link and form elements
into veins and
bark and skin and breathe
and heart without water
it cracks and dusts as 
ocean heart beats 
crush sand grains 
endlessly forming the path
water drew between the earth and the sea.

light and time pattern
each other wildly
in strict choreography
as birds are masters of dancing with light
and touching heaven’s face
when mud-formed creatures
gaze on water’s skin
when ripples of
abundant sea things
fly through their own skies
dreaming of breathing
gods mirror multitudinously
moves endless fractals
where rest is sacred and illusion
endless motion 
standing still
we are finished and complete

light before the 
stars and moon

when all is finished
yet infinitely cycles
through life and death
waves, waves of life
within and without

light created time
upon the deep waters
silken surface
magnetised waters
mud forming encased
seed within itself not without
a tree, us, we
share roots, and fronds
let it be

the paths water drew as art

Lathalia Song

3 Questions for Lathalia

What was your process for creating this work? 

Lots of reading about origin stories, fascinated by identity. Combined with walking so often under gum trees, Australian sky, the beach and river. I wanted to create a contemporary origin story for myself that was respectful of the Indigenous caretakers and my own experience. The poems are the word version of the images I see when I reflect on my path through a land I don’t fully understand, and a very challenging life. I wanted to make a gentle challenge to how we see meaning by using no capitals and pushing the title words together with no spaces, and using a freeform pattern.

What is the significance of the genres/mediums you chose for this work?

The fabric is so important, my dear old grandma supported her four children and disabled husband making frocks in rural Australia. Her example of tenacity, business and friendliness inspired me, I love fabrics because of her. The screen printed ink process is part of my personal reflective journey, using oodles of glorious colour and a giant squeegee, don’t you love that word! Then layering the design on top of that colour to mimic the layers in nature and in my life. Colours have been so soothing and healing, how many greens are there I ask!?

What is the significance of this work to you?

These works are my way of integrating the massive grief I have at times carried with the concurrent beauty of life, just like my local river. There is such a pull to only see grief, see only the water. They are also an attempt to represent the intricacies of multiple experiences in one day. The visual aspect of my poems are a deep reminder of how possible it is to be stricken and whole at the same time. Also, very exciting, you can get little print copies soon from my new website, not launching till November 2021. Would love to share my little fables and poems with you all!

Lathalia's art is a process of integration of life, near death experiences and everyday nature miracles. She uses poetry and images from her inner self walking in nature. Lathalia Song has "ings"; writing, creating, guiding, advocating, and screenprinting ink designs on calico, splashing in small watercolours, simultaneously dreaming up poetry for healing and meaning. Finding freedom in the way nature makes her illustrations. Currently an editor for Authora Australis Once an editor, designer, and copywriter for various design agencies. Sharing the joy of creativity each year at

Social media tags are Twitter: Hope Song@flywaterleaf, Instagram: lathaliahopesong, editor for Authora Australis

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