Issue #2

Cover Art by Jessica Dawn Zinz
Published 10.19.2020

Hybrid Works

Christopher Atamian

Anush Uhllah!: Christmas in Morningside Heights

Joy Alexander

Hydras From My Psyche
I had to laugh

Yi Jung (Jolene) Chen

Granny’s Bequeathal / 〈阿嬤的手尾〉陳意榕

Jill Carpenter

Lessons from Quilts

Sandra L. Faulkner

Dear Alice
Mom’s Hot Milk Sponge

Robbie Curry

Poems from the Pantry

Michelle Villegas Threadgould

“You can’t shoot”
Love at 101 MPH

Amanda McGuire

Long Overdue
You Give Me Fever

Marlene DeVere

Sitting in a Café Waiting for the Music to Begin

Jessica Dawn Zinz

9 Poetry Comics

Matthew Dettmer

Fake palm fronds for our wedding on mars

Adam Ai

Time Travel: A Field Guide

Richard Oyama

The Field Animal’s Dream

Yuan Changming

5 Bilinguacultural Poems

Ryan Greene

smokedark vacuum

Roy Duffield


Howie Good

Four Prose Poems

Karen Loeb

They Said—We Said

F. Daniel Rzicznek

3 Prose Poems from Leafmold

Satya Dash

The fragments we call throes
Sonnet of King Tut

Sean J. White


Penny Harter

About Loss
Today’s Menu

Michael Buckius

The Garden

Thom Brucie

Maybe a Lesser Sin

Raphael Luis J. Salise

i held you at gunpoint

Zach Murphy


Mike Knowles

Conversation at Night (Visual Art)

Carl Scharwath and Jeanette Skirvin

His Life Remembered

Guna Moran, Sadiqul Islam and Bikekananda Choudhury

The Birds

Kayla Rodney

Ode to Joy

Book Reviews

Janel Spencer

Book Review: Swimming Home (Publisher: Unlikely Books, 2019) by Kayla Rodney


Kayla Rodney and Janel Spencer

Interview with Kayla Rodney on Swimming Home (Publisher: Unlikely Books, 2019)