Issue #6.5: Winter 2021

*Cover art by Samuel Haecker (from “blossom”).

Hybrid Works

Samuel Haecker


Francesco Levato

Excerpt from SCARLET

Heather Ryan

Admit It
Presented with Complaint

Kip Knott

Blood Line

Linda Hawkins

Tell the Bees (Visual Art)

Orchid Tierney

5 Field Guide Entries

Wren Hanks

from ‘Reduce the Silence to Swallows’

Beverly M. Collins

Dragonfly in Waiting (Photography)

Danika Stegeman LeMay

I Say “Girl”
I mouth the word “motherless”

Mike Sikkema

For Ritual Use (Visual Art)

Kristin LaFollette

Cell Division

Ingrid L. Taylor


Charlotte Hamrick

Never Less Sweet
Us, On Any Given Day: A Cento

Paula Selis

The Salon

Kristina T. Saccone

Save the Goldfish

Cat Dixon

New Year’s Eve Message
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Be a darling and fill a jar with jellybeans

A.K. Shakour

A Stack of CD Memories (a playlist poem)

Peter Donnelly

From ‘Data Crunchers’

Ivars Balkits

Like the Antikythera Mechanism

Ron Tobey

Snow Blasts

Samuel Ace and Maureen Seaton

The Beginning of January: Embodied

Seamus Filcarah

From the Travel Journals of William Chaffinch, 18–