A Stack of CD Memories (a playlist poem)

‘Shallow’ — A Star is Born (Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga)

you yell over the whir of the cheetah print wedding
have you heard this song? i nod back in response, 
of course, i love this movie. 
this wedding is a backyard wonderland
we’re standing by the stump & the beer cooler
i grab your pink sleeved hand,
we should be on the dance floor on the deck, 
next to the girl in red lipstick and black platforms.
i explore your eyes, your arms wrap around my waist
the iPod speakers sing

‘Follow Me’ — Uncle Kracker

post-sex in Stacy the Silverado, windows down
we’re laughing as the night puts its pajamas on
you test me on my country music knowledge 
          (i know nothing / / so shocking)
 ‘cmon you gotta know this one, don’t you? 
my curls are a golden tornado, 
mouth drops open in recognition 
          holy shit, i do
my favorite part of the song is you singing 
follow me, everything is all right, i’ll be the one
                                                                            to tuck you in at night
your hand is on my knee, and i believe you

‘My Best Friend’ — Tim McGraw

my mom tells me i’m a whore before you show up
to our house with two bouquets of flowers. 
you tickle me pink with the blush colored roses.
as we drive to Katie & Kenny’s ceremony
i ask you what song would you dance to at your wedding?
you don’t even hesitate, My Best Friend by Tim McGraw.
i’ve never believed in the myth of happy marriage. 
so all i can do is nod in response, but i hope
maybe someday you can prove me wrong. 

A.K. Shakour

A.K Shakour has a bachelor's degree from The University of British Columbia in English literature, with a minor in creative writing. She has work published in Room Magazine, yolk literary, and others. She has one dog and a plethora of potted plants that desperately need to be watered. 

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