Issue #8.5: Summer 2022

Hybrid Works

Elizabeth Joy Levinson

Our aim was true.

Jen Schneider

on daily routines, stocked & stacked :: i’d really like a bowl of soup

Wren Donovan

Margin of Error (for Ana Mendieta)

Tim Walker

On the Other Side of the Fence

Charles J. March III

Blowing in the Wind of the Chi

Gustavo Gómez Mejía

3 Digital Assemblages

Howie Good

The Texture of Experience
Fog Area

Devon McConnell Bacon

Residue (Photography)

Mike Wilson


Pam Sinicrope

All Bodies Are Fragments
New Diagnosis: A Growing List of Co-Morbidities (Cento)
Swan-Neck Deformity*

Matthew Bullen

Hot Frog Action

Halle Preneta

I Fear What Men Say

Claire Hampton

Dragon Tree

Moshe Wolf

Traveling to a Foreign Place
Today the World Ends, and It Is a Friday, Mid-March


As Our World Finally Starts To Explode (Video Collage)

Linda M. Crate

i want to feel at home

Francesca Leader

The Last Room
27-year-old Woman Arrested for Infanticide; Tokyo, Japan (A broken and dismembered Tanka from an overheard news report, ca. 2003)

Philip Wexler


Book Reviews

Mark Spitzer

Book Review: The Bad Boys of Poetry Get Away with Everything