Residue (Photography)

Devon McConnell Bacon

3 Questions for Devon

What was your process for creating this work? 

I reduced the information within my photograph through digital manipulation. I then focused on making the basic structures remaining stand out.

What is the significance of the medium you chose for this work? 

I believe beauty can be found in both complex and simple things. I like to take my photography and reduce the noise or content until only certain features remain. When I strip away the layers and complexities within a photograph I am left with the raw beauty or essence of the subject itself.

What is the significance of this work to you? 

My work reflects both life and death and how they interact. The dead plant's skeletal remains appear to still reach up and out toward the sky. A reminder of how it once lived. The spirited young bird rests in its presence singing notes of life and happiness. The process that I used removed all other information allowing only what I wanted to be seen. For me this picture is bittersweet.

Devon McConnell Bacon enjoys writing, photography, and creating unusual art. They have had photography published in Reservoir Road Literary Review and Acropolis Journal. They currently live in the mountains with their partner, kids, dogs and birds. They can be found @Ravenlore23 on Twitter.

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