Issue #7: Loss

Hybrid Works

Garrett Phelan


Erika Lutzner

Words are loaded pistols

Edward Michael Supranowicz

A Hectic Day
Games We Play

Whitney Vale

A Field Guide to a Leaky Heart

Raquel D. Bailey

3 Haiga

Susan Barry-Schulz

from Gray’s Anatomy: “The Deep,” “Blue, Blue Whorl,” and “Lips”

Matthew Klane and James Belflower

from Hist: “Wreck of the Royal Caroline”

Ivan de Monbrison

[The sea is near the house]

Socorro de Luca

///The Women Become Waves

Edward Lee

Your Slow Touch
I Dreamt a Forest

Elliott Orchard-Blowen

[in the kitchen]
[what I write isn’t poetry]

Jessica Purdy

Unpapered Bedroom
Parsonage Parlor

Gabriela Denise Frank

The Affair: Tracks 7 through 9

Mark Danowsky

And when I doubt, I’ll look east (cento)

Book Reviews

Cheryl A. Passanisi

Book Review: Glass Bikini (Tupelo Press, Dec. 2021) by Kristin Bock