Please wear your life jackets

Please wear your life jackets

In the end, this isn’t final, if it just casts off its lines
and even more than that, its lie                                →                               standing by

What is the line that anchors meaning,
is it de-meaning, is it not. Word, b(l)inding                                                                a
nd ending endlessly and unending endless                                                                 ly
remains the same                                                                                                                                                              

burnt out as migrant ships in the Aegean, as empty shells of words not speaking for 
themselves, as charcoal, an aphasic world lies in its certainty:

squeaks of jackets, splashes against port bow, screeches of space blanketS 

upposing we skiagraph every day,                                                                   
supposing colours don’t feel themselves,                                                        
supposing a limen in black and white is where w-o-r-d-s lie up,                                     
are they opened and/or dye.

Whether a body is audible or Echo hulls clairaudience,
if colour is a feeling but words remain unfelt, there is no word, no world at         all.

 , mirror-writing of shame the remains.
Limen, from Greek limen, meaning refuge, seaport.
Echo, a slave ship, was launched in 1791 in Liverpool. Echo, a merchant ship of the East India Company, was launched at Hull in 1792.

Athena Melliar

Athena Melliar is a Greek feminist poet. She is a philologist specialising in educational and developmental psychology. Her work has appeared in Neologism, The Coachella Review, LEVELER, So to Speak, and other literary publications. She has been profiled in Maudlin House. (she/her) Twitter: @AthenaMelliar, Instagram: athenamelliar

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