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Right down the line 
                                        is a gravy boat 
                                        filled with starch 
                                        bleached like shirts 
                                        at a cleaners,                and spill the whole thing down 
                                                                                                                   between my tits 
                                                                                                    because personhood 
                                                                                          is bitten silver from the bullet, a
                                                                                          spoon bent back with every passing year
                                                                 and no choice but to get aboard and feel the warmth

                                        as though they could propel—
                                                                                          and yet

               It is simply too easy to mind your own damn business. To spin for once, 
                                                  I think there is no use yanking on a red string          when the other 
                                                                                                                                           is tied to a 
We’d be better off sailing
                                   around the world in a canoe for two, 
                                                                         bitter orange life vests puffed up  
                                                                                     in lieu of chests, scissors in hand 
                                                                                     for when the wagon sinks like a —~~

Jenny M. Liu

Jenny M. Liu lives in southern Nevada and is most often just a person in soft, loose clothing. She is interested in a cup of decaf after dinner. For a list of her publications and links to her social media, please visit

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