For What Would You Kill?

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For What Would You Kill?1

With a line from Lucille Clifton

There are animals which must eat, deserve to devour, and consequently become killers. While I was
Praying Mantis I learned this. Looked in mirrors, stalking food. Packed my own corpse
in the back of my jeep, left for lower ground. Eating old versions of sins I’d commit again
until I was no longer praying, just desperate. I waded beyond venom pantheons of
granite cliffs that once fed me. Though in a new home, I missed the bird
refuge that gave me my tempest, that taught how wind carves canyons
hollow, I did not miss winters where snow held pillows to my mouth
until I choked on glaciers. Full of those ice knives my folded body
never felt satisfied. I repeated why am I not feeding, not being
fed? over and over. Tried to be less insect, killing off my
body like bait. Replaced muscle with metal until even
in my own poems, I was confused by what my body
was. In new territory hunger was still the very
specific weight of hosannas. I was too
familiar with what my body looked
like begging. Used to being
promised that if only I
converted to a better
hunter I would be
full. I ate all I
could and
1Stephen Dunn: What Goes On?

Taylor Franson-Thiel

Taylor Franson-Thiel is a Pushcart nominated poet from Utah, now based in Fairfax, Virginia. She received her Master’s in creative writing from Utah State University and is pursuing an MFA at George Mason University. Along with writing, she enjoys lifting heavy weights and reading fantastic books. 

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