Erumpunt et Operimentum

Erumpunt et Operimentum

The people of Pompeii      died before      the lava passed over      their bodies. 
 Toxic gasses snuck      themselves through lungs      sharpening like      blades, 
  beating molten rock moving      down the hillside The burning pumice 
   making ruin      They could not breathe      baptized in ash and soot. 
    And in the hollowing      of the earth between      triassic and jurassic eras, 
     magma stole      just a few rare      straggling sauropods—
      all other dinosaurs      met their extinction through      too much oxygen. 
       Hot gas smothering      The killer      unseen and efficient      My body 
        too boasts of breathing     bad in like sulfur      could save     my sawdust thin 
         skin worn away      buried by all I cannot      carry     Then only eroded bones      
          remain In my chest     I find fossils      shape my lungs around      their death
           month after month of      making lava      out of what is      only air

Taylor Franson-Thiel

Taylor Franson-Thiel is a Pushcart nominated poet from Utah, now based in Fairfax, Virginia. She received her Master’s in creative writing from Utah State University and is pursuing an MFA at George Mason University. Along with writing, she enjoys lifting heavy weights and reading fantastic books. 

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