Timeflow Lifeline and conservation/conversation

Timeflow Lifeline

after Dedicate by Sarah Doyle

mountain freeform windtorn skyslope branching eastward treetops scaffold
pinkmorn lighting deepdark riverrun riveting frogcall birdnest bearsden
keepsafe hemlocks slyslide mushroom hillside blowdown motherly wraphold
windborn listener birdsong rainfall drifting firleafs creating hushhush
boundary breaking windform handhold treeroot downfall drifting daydream
lifelong surfside believer stormier blowfast daybreak waveform timehold
brighter sunshine floating calmline document freetime branching treewebs
planetary particle timeflow lifeline warmwind retreats maximize everyday

In Dedicate, Sarah Doyle invented a form of eight lines of eight eight-lettered words.


erasure from notes on a conversation about conservation efforts in a development along two rivers

Janis La Couvée

Janis La Couvée (she/her) is a writer and poet with a love of wild green spaces, dedicated to conservation efforts in Campbell River, British Columbia on the unceded traditional territory of the Wei Wai Kum, We Wai Kai and Kwiakah First Nations.  Her work has been featured or is upcoming in Pure Slush, Paddler Press, dipity literary magazine, Dreamers Magazine, among others. Online at janislacouvee.com, Facebook – JanisLaCouveeOnline and @lacouvee on X, Mastodon and Bluesky.

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