Kiss Moon Kiss

Moonlight, Edvard Munch

Li Po leans to kiss
the Moon reflected in the River
his Body is there where the boat left him
drowning in longing
Adrift he gazes
up into the unreflected universe
Every twenty-eight days the Moon in its fulness 
kisses him

It's like that for years, adrift in Moon kisses, until
tonight, when there's a sharp slap on Li's back,
another almost gently on his cheek. "C'mon, man.
Take a breath. You're fine, you didn't drown."
(There is blinking, a sputter of River water,
more blinking) "I got you out. It was a bad
misunderstanding. There's a Moon, a River,
but that's not you adrift. It's a Tree Branch."
(Gurgling) "You should drink less. It's not poetic. 
It's pathetic, and you could really drown. Here,
lean back, against this tree. You'll be fine." (Li
leans back. He shivers, looks at the last, long kiss
broken by swells as it crosses the water. He gazes.
Up, past the Moon, into the unreflected universe.)

Eileen Earhart Oldag

Eileen Earhart Oldag (she/her) writes from Boise, ID. She’s most recently published in The Elpis Pages and Better Than Starbucks. Her work has been selected for three editions of Writers in the Attic. She was a co-founder of Upper Gladstone Writer’s Workspace in Shreveport, LA. Since concluding her career in nonprofit management, she works to promote equity and inclusion across her realm of influence.

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