Hotel Hell

Get to see your face 
In a hotel hell
Not much to look at
But it’s better than jail
I was just passing through
Like so many years
Some just like you
I’ve drank oceans of tears
Come daybreak of morning
Evaporate into air
Something tells me
It’s you I should fear

So, let’s cut a line
Let’s cut a rug
Fit me better
Than a worn glove

Got the devil’s persuasion 
And a kitten’s smile 
Come here darling 
Come lay with me awhile
Something about you
So hard to resist
When you kiss me honey
Hits like a fist
Crawling on the ceiling 
Banging at your door
Hungry for your touch
Baby I want more

So, let’s cut a line
Let’s cut a rug
Fit me better 
Than a worn glove

Baby resist me
Slap across my face
Bloody my lip
Give me something to taste
Honey you thirsty 
For my pain
Give me a wink
I’ll open up my vein

Let’s cut a line
Let’s cut a rug
Fit me better 
Than a worn glove

Justin Kitts

Three Questions for Justin

What is the significance of this work to you?

This is a song I wrote in prison for a band I was in called Something about Apples. It's about a guy who finds love after being a bit of a rolling stone.    

What is the significance of the form you chose for this work?

I chose to write it in a swing style and it has a sort of rockabilly Elvis feel to it which I thought was a lot of fun to sing.

What was the process for creating this work?

The songs I've written all share a similar process. The guys in the band play and I write something that feels like it fits. We had limited time to do so. So most the songs I wrote are from a stream of consciousness which I later refined.

Justin Kitts is the artist/writer AKA Harvey Bloodstone, co-founder and co-owner of the art production company Cardiac Leather Works LLC, a company he owns with incarcerated artist/musician Jason Lacewell. Together they seek to emphasize that art is an inescapable aspect of humanity and isn’t limited by a set of rules, believing every one of us is an artist and that when we make something speak, it’s art. Justin is an advocate for select artists he met during his own incarceration within the Arizona Department of Corrections and promotes their art/writing through various social media and gallery shows.

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