En las calles del olvido
merodea un recuerdo de ti
que persiste
pese al tiempo
que perdura
sin importar
cuan ardua sea la batalla
por existir

Elena Valdés Chavarría

Three Questions for Elena

What is the significance of this work to you?

I wrote this while I was in Malaysia during the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. Whenever I stumble upon this work, by coincidence or by choice, I always go back to memories of that summer. Even if festivity details vary, paying tribute to the dead and honoring our ancestors is also part of the Mexican culture. There is something truly beautiful about transcending time through memory and celebration; this is how they stay alive.

What is the significance of the form you chose for this work?

The form was without a doubt the result of subconscious processing. The words came to me while walking the city streets of Kuching; I was drawn to the burning of joss papers on the roadside. The artwork came later, to further play with the duality of meanings.

What was the process for creating this work?

I believe all my work comes through deep observation and a strong sense of wonder.

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