A Story of Two Ghosts

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

A Story of Two Ghosts

When I died on the 5th of September 2022, I entered the vagueness. And in searching for that
proverbial white light, I didn’t expect to see so many other ghosts—Pairs of pairs and trios of
quartets. To be frank, I must say, I felt quite embarrassed. I wished that I had died alongside
someone, so that, at least, I would have had familiar company during my search for the white
Yet despite my contrived aloofness, you came to me, beaming eyes and sparkling shawl. I was
hesitant, so hesitant to fraternize, for I thought, the white light shall reveal itself to me soon, the
white light shall imminently remove me from this vagueness; What purpose does befriending
ghosts serve? But you were adamancy wrought of sheer charm; with the sparkle of your shawl I
uncovered the serendipity of you. Thus we began traversing the vagueness together, your
sparkling shawl caressing my cheap sheet with each brush of the wind. And in my impatience, I
often sped by—My eagerness to hunt for the white light, to vacate this vagueness. Inevitably,
routinely, I would war linearity (borne of my harboured rage for the white light’s abdication),
and I would return defeated, where you would unknowingly console me with the blissfulness of
Now an eternity has crept by. The white light is of little importance to me; I have grown far more
fond of you. So much so, that while we still reside within this vagueness, I choose not to traverse
anymore, or if I do, not with the same zeal as before. Truth be told, I don’t really want to leave
the vagueness; I’d much rather flit around here doing nothing with you. But if the white light
should ever bless us, I know my hesitancy to return, for I will only embrace it if I can always feel
your sparkling shawl brushing against me.

Shawn Rampaul

Shawn Rampaul is a 22-year-old law graduate. His prior work can be found at EllipsisZine and BLEACH!. 

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